3 days down…

We are 3 days into preschool and so far so good, I’m sure the weekend will throw us back a few steps and come Monday morning he may be a grumpy lil fella but this week has gone quite smooth! Kellar has woke up the last 2 mornings ready to go, this morning he was a lil draggy and grumpy but once he got to school he enjoyed himself. The first day Kellar learned what sounds the “baby” a and t make, he colored a coloring sheet and counted. On day 2 they added the letter b in, learned about the cranium and heart, counted to 40 and sang their ABC’s and learned the primary colors and the teacher explained that they were important because many colors are made by mixing them. This morning I took Kellar to school and he wasn’t as eager to stay, he teared up and that made it hard for me to leave but I know it’s best to let the teacher step in and take his attention off me leaving. I called to see how he did this afternoon and if he settled down after I left and of course he did and was fine. Mrs Margaret is very good about going over what they did in class and how well Kellar participated, she said she asked about primary colors and Kellar says “they’re important” so we know he did at least listen some yesterday. I’m so excited to see what all he is going to learn! I know that there will be days where he doesn’t want to participate and may not pay attention to anything but I’m hopeful he’s going to learn quite a bit. Kellar and his buddy Layne are on the verge of being seperated because they like to talk alot and Kellar has also been “driving” his chair around the room, it’ll be a matter of time before he puts somebody under arrest! Laynes mom and I have been friends since kindy, we both think it’s really neat that our kids are starting their friendship out at a young age like we did. So this sums up Kellars 1st week of Pre-K that obviously wore him out since he’s already asleep.

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Meet the teacher….

Was a total success! A few weeks ago I never would have pictured Kellar waking up eager to go to school so him waking up at 5:00 am this morning asking me if it was time was a huge surprise. I told him to go back to sleep and we would get up in a hour or so and then get ready for school, I woke him up a little after 6 and he jumped right up ready to get dressed and head out the door. I was relieved and sad all at once, relieved because maybe just maybe he is going to love school and sad because my baby boy is growing up on me and the thought of leaving him at school under somene elses care breaks my heart. Joey came in from work and we loaded Kellar up and headed to school. Kellar at first tried realy hard to play shy but all it took was her playing a game with him and he was off Joeys hip and exploring the room. I have a feeling it’s going to be a good school year for Kellar, his teacher taught my brother and knows my dad real well so that makes me feel more at ease. I think Kellar will have around 15 in his class and hopefully will make lots of new friends. Tomorrow will be his first real day of class, Joey and I will take him and hopefully I get out of there without having a breakdown! Kellar also goes for his 4 yr shots tomorrow, please say a little prayer he does ok with this, gosh I so dislike having to take him to get stuck.

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Preparing myself…

Kellar starts pre-k 4 in September and I’m already trying to mentally prepare myself for sending my baby off to school. I know he’s got to go, he really needs the structure but the thought of it breaks my heart, he’s growing up and maybe I’m just not ready for it. We are going to send him to a small school, the teacher only takes maybe 15 kids, she taught my brother years ago and knows my dad really well so that makes me feel a little better, not to mention everyone that I know that has used her loved her! I feel like I’ve failed in preparing Kellar for school though, that also makes me sad! I’ve tried to teach him things but it’s like talking to this computer screen, he has no interest in anything to do with numbers or letters. When he was 2 he was counting to 20 and now I do good to get him to count to 5, he was singing his ABC’s and now he refuses to say them, he will not sit down to attempt to learn to make the first letter of his name, I don’t know what to do other than hope and pray he’s only being stubborn because it’s me asking him to do these things. I have asked several other parents and they all pretty much say their child does the same thing and then he gets to school and just blows the teacher away, lord please let my child do this haha! He’s smart I have no doubt, somedays I’m boggled at the stuff he knows but he’s also stubborn and that may be a issue when it comes to the “structured” part of school. We decided that him only going for 1/2 a day would be plenty for now, he’s got the rest of his life to be at school all day long so he’ll go for 3 1/2 hrs then go home and hopefully be more willing to work with Joey and I on things pertaining to learning. Onto other things, Kellar still hasn’t really grasped the concept that there will be a baby in the house in 5 months or so, he’ll talk about his baby sister YES IT’S A GIRL but I’m not sure he’s fully aware of what will take place and that he’s not going to be the only baby in the house. We have some major toy cleaning we have to get done before long, our house is going to be quite crowded but we’ll make do. I had some changes with my job which resulted in a paycut so that put a change in our plans of getting into a bigger house, but it will all work out in the end I just have to keep reminding myself that God is in control of the situation and he’ll see us through this as well. And that’s about all that’s going on in our little part of the world, just trying to stay cool during the summer and prepare for school and a baby girl!!!!!

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Since our last update…

Lets see….Kellar celebrated his 4th birthday with a wonderful party at Bounce A Lot with all of his family and friends. Kellar found out he’s going to be a BIG BROTHER!!!!! I’ll have to get back with you later to tell you how excited he is or when he finds out that this means sharing attention how unexcited he is, though I think he’s going to be a awesome big brother. Kellar has fallen in love with swimming and being in the water and has no fear which makes me a bit nervous! I have got to get him enrolled in swimming lessons, watching him maneuver his way around the pool I think he’ll do great and catch on quickly. Kellar is growing like a weed, he’s so tall and has turned into such a big big boy, makes me so sad to think that he’s going to be going to pre-k in a few months. Kellar loves kids, he loves playing with kids and asks every day to go to MeMe’s and play with the kiddos, this is one thing I know he’ll love about school. Kellar thinks he has to be on the go constantly, he never wants to stay home, this to at times breaks my heart. If someone is leaving he wants to go, he doesn’t care who it is he just wants to go but come night time he’s ready to come home to mommy and daddy. Our summer has been pretty boring, we had a vacation that we were wanting to take but being pregnant I just didn’t think I needed to chance it with walking all over the place plus this heat in Texas right now is horrible!!!! So notta whole lot to report we’re pretty boring around here right now but it’s great!!!!

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4 years ago today….

A Preemie Prince named Kellar was born. Every year my child teaches me more and more about life, he teaches me how the small things really do matter, he teaches me how to smile when I’m upset, he teaches me how to laugh when I really want to scream, he teaches me that love in unconditional! I sometimes find it hard to believe that my baby boy is 4 years old, where has the time gone? He’s getting so big, he’s becoming such a big boy and I miss that “baby” that he used to be though he’ll always be “my baby”. I’m so thankful for Kellar and all that he has become and I look forward to all the he will be. Happy Birthday Kellar!

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