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I was a horrible blogger with just Kellar, now that Londyn has arrived I can almost bet that my blogging may be cut down to 2 times a year, nah hopefully I’ll get better and start back up. Londyn is 6 wks old and I’m learning things that I didn’t get to learn with Kellar. Kellar came home from the hospital and was pretty much good to go, formula was decided on, reflux meds were prescribed and his sleep schedule was perfect. Londyn however is a spitter and we are on our 3rd type of formula to hopefully get her spitting/reflux under control. I say she has reflux but her upper GI was good but when she burps I hear it come up and she makes a horrible face and will start coughing or hiccuping so I feel that she is refluxing. Kellar is still my amazing little boy, my amazing little boy that has developed a dislike for school. I’m hoping that once I go back to work and we are back to our normal “routine” that he’ll settle back in and not cry when we walk in the door of his class. It’s hard to leave him when he’s upset, part of me wants to let him stay home but I know if I give in then he’ll think all he has to do is cry and he’ll get his way so thankfully his teacher is very understanding and is able to calm him down once we leave. Kellar has adjusted fairly well to having a new baby in the house, he loves her and is very protective. I was worried about him feeling left out and being able to juggle taking care of her and being there for him, I won’t lie it’s hard at times but hopefully I’ll have it all figured out before long. I try and really explain to him that she’s a baby and that when he was a baby we did the same thing for him, he’ll normally ask lots of questions about him being a baby and then he’s pretty much ok with us having to hold her or pick her up when she’s upset. Londyn is growing so much, she’s lost that baby look and has started to fill out and has even started to smile some and with that comes those cute coos that babies make. I’m not looking forward to going back to work, I was able to stay home with Kellar for 3 1/2 yrs but won’t be able to do that with Londyn, makes me sad! We had a wonderful Christmas with family, Kellar as usual got way to much but they’re only little once and he was super excited. We had our first snow here a week or so ago, Kellar would stay out in it all day if I weren’t the paranoid mother that I am. Well that’s a short summary of what’s been going on around here….




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  1. Fateha's Mom replied:

    awww she’s just so adorable. glad that Kellar is ok with being a big brother. not easy, but i know he can make it

    January 19th, 2011 at 7:17 am. Permalink.

  2. Angela replied:

    She is so sweet. Where did you ever find such a sweet hat?

    January 28th, 2011 at 8:34 pm. Permalink.

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