30 days….

and baby Londyn will make her arrival. Kellar is still excited and talking about his sister and constantly picking out stuff to buy her, it’s sweet and hopefully that trend will continue once she gets here. I at times can’t believe I have made it this far in my pregnancy, after a loss at 20 wks and Kellar coming at 26 ( failed tvc ) I’m so happy to be 35 wks and so near term. I think back on my pregnancy with Kellar and wish I had pushed for a abdominal cerclage. I didn’t know it wasn’t going to hold up and I thought I was doing the right thing but thinking about what all Kellar went through it does make me a little sad butI wouldn’t change anything about Kellar today, I think he’s perfect and I feel so blessed at how well he’s doing.
Kellar is still loving school and learning so much, he won’t tell you what he’s learning you have to “catch” him playing and just sit back and listen. He has learned where his cranium is, his mandible, patella, phalanges, ribs, heart and I’m sure there’s others that I’m leaving out. He’s couting pretty well, recognizes his ABC’s and is learning the states and presidents but his attention span needs some work. I know he knows more than what he puts on but getting him to show his teacher what all he knows is something he’s not doing and I’m not sure what to do about it, if you put him on the spot and ask him something he’ll clam up and not say a word, hope he gets over that or we’ll be in trouble when he starts kindergarten.

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